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Wordshark is a computer program to help you read and spell.

It uses more than 60 specially designed games to teach and to reinforce reading and spelling using over 10,000 pre-recorded words grouped in specially selected word lists. You can also add your own words.

The many permutations of games and word lists create both variety and motivation.

The program includes a high quality phonics approach which is available for the majority of the word lists. Different games include blending sounds into words for reading and also segmenting into sounds and syllables for spelling. All common letter patterns and auditory patterns are covered, also spelling rules, syllable work for longer words, homophones, and alphabet and dictionary skills.

The tailored games and structured word lists make Wordshark especially useful for students with dyslexia as well as for general use. Wordshark was created by teachers with practical experience of Special Educational Needs. Both the games and many of the word lists have been specially structured to assist those with any level of dyslexia.

The games are excellent for use on an interactive whiteboard and children enjoy playing the games on the big screen. An on-screen keypad is provided with the program.

Wordshark comes with a printed introductory manual. The full manual can be printed from the program. There are also video tutorials, on-screen help for all games, tool tips and teaching notes.

Variable speeds and other options meet all levels of skill.

Wordshark is mostly used by students between 5 and 15. Some of the games are more suitable for younger children but most games are appropriate for any age.

The variety of games, concepts and words make Wordshark suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools.

How can Wordshark be used at Home?
Wordshark can either be used directly to support school work and homework (learning class spellings etc) or can be used independently to suit the students own pace and needs.

If necessary, the school teacher can be asked to suggest the appropriate word lists for the student.

Once students are set up by the administrator, the program will keep a note of their names and personal settings.

It is recommended that the sessions are short but frequent as this not only maintains the child's interest but gives the necessary practice needed for success.

There are no hard and fast rules, but generally, three or four short sessions a week (about 10-15 minutes each) seem to work really well, to achieve significant gains.

Some children will need to repeatedly go over what seems to be very basic work before moving on, in order to make real progress. Equally, some children need to be encouraged to move on.

Parents should always follow the progress of their children in using Wordshark - encouraging them to try the recommended games (both for reading and spelling) and to move on through the word lists.

There is a special chapter for parents, in the manual within the program.

USB Edition Benefits

The USB flash media product offers a versatile single user licence which allows the program to be accessed on any computer with an open USB port. There is no need to install the program onto the computer, so by simply plugging the USB into the port users can access Wordshark practically anywhere

The unique advantage of the USB is that all user data is stored back on the USB itself. Student records and any new word lists created are saved on the USB allowing full mobility between different computers. These features make the USB option ideal for situations where either the students or teachers require the flexibility to use the programs on different computers and/or at different locations such as home, school or study centres.

It enables teachers to manage the programs from home by allowing them to set work, review student records and create word lists.

The USB stick can then be taken back into the school to use on a whiteboard computer, for example, or for setting work for a child who is off school.


Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Macs: OS X version 10.6 to 10.10

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